Thursday, April 19, 2012

Shedding like crazy!

Both Binky and Brittany are shedding like crazy. Each morning its like binky has a second rabbit in his cage. Since then Binky has been even more active then normal. He normally is a very active boy. Greeting everyone that comes though the door, circling them and chinning them. Each and everytime. He does his daily laps around the room and then retires to his corner. He does this several times a day. Latey since since he began his major shedding his been acting even more active. If that's even possible. lol Like as of now trying to type this im being attacked by his nose. Hes all always been a very inquisitive rabbit. But he just keeps on trying to investigate me and everything that's around. Hes already 8 months old. So i know he already hit his maturity months ago, when he started his spraying. Not cool.